About Shirley Ong

I am Shirley Ong, your Best Choice for Residential Property .

Over these years I have won over 42 awards and recognitions, I realized my methods to success constantly required change as the requirements and expectations of clients always change. Purchasing property is an important decision , not to mention the ever-skyrocketing price of Singapore's properties. Thus, I have since learned to constantly change in order to exceed the expectations of client.

So if you want to find the perfect home, a smooth transaction, a hassle free purchase process, you know who you should look for.

With Shirley Ong, you can finally be assured with a peace-of-mind when it comes to buying, selling, renting or leasing properties!


关于Shirley Ong

我是Shirley Ong 是您住宅地产的最佳选择。



通过Shirley Ong,保证您将能安心的购买,出售及租赁房屋。




I can’t recommend Shirley highly enough. We were told of Shirley’s excellent proficiency by a friend. We too found her to be extremely helpful and professional right from the start. She listened carefully to our requests, and found many suitable properties for us to view. She spent time listening to our feedback and that led us to find our perfect condo – we are so happy! Shirley made the whole process extremely easy advising us on many topics, including important local Singaporean laws, which as expats we were unaware of. We highly value her professional opinion, as she has so much experience. She is friendly and approachable and has been available to help us whenever we have encountered problems or had questions.
— Eleanor Elizabeth Worham
我十分的推荐Shirley。我们是通过朋友介绍知道Shirley的,他告诉我们Shirley是一个能力非常出色的房屋经纪。当我们与Shirley开始接触时,我们发现她非常的专业,而且给予我们极大的帮助。她认真听取了我们的要求,带我们参观了很多合适的物业。她花了许多时间倾听我们的反馈,并帮我们找到了心中完美的公寓 - 我们太高兴了!Shirley把整个过程做的非常简单明了,并且在很多方面给了我们一些建议,包括非常重要的新加坡法律,尤其是作为外国人,我们不是很了解当地的情况。由于她在房屋方面有着多年的经验,我们十分重视她给的专业意见。Shirley十分友善又很平易近人,每当遇到问题时她总是能给予我们极大的帮助。
— Eleanor Elizabeth Worham
Shirley worked with us on selling our property and she was very professional in her approach and presentation. Her advise both from the seller and buyer points of views were very helpful, and her ability to manage expectations of both parties was what made the transaction a successful one for both sides. She was also constantly updating us with the viewings and feedbacks and we felt completely at ease with Shirley. It has been a pleasure working with Shirley, she is an invaluable advisor who expresses her honest opinion in a straightforward manner and we look forward to working with her again should the opportunity arise.
— Jonathan Richard Barder
— Jonathan Richard Barder