Shirley Ong's Mission

Shirley's mission is to empower her members to be top producers like herself. If you have spoken to any of her team member you will consistently hear that the same statement " A willingly leader that doesn't hold back in her impartation ". Shirley believe that every agent has their own learning curve and hence gives everyone equal opportunities to learn and practice. By far as long as the member are willing to learn and work hard they have all proof to perform well. 

I am sure you would agree with me that It’s not easy being a top property agent, but the good news is that you don’t have to be born with it to be a great sales person. The truth is the majority of great sales people are not born to be but made to be. So how do these people make it. I believe in training . If you are properly trained then you will achieve what it takes to make it. Meet up with us now to find out how we can help you whether you are a new agent or an experienced agent:

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1. Property marketing & soft skills training:

Weekly training will be provided, the topics that will be cover are Sale and Purchase, Rentals of Private Residential, HDB, Landed Properties, Executive Condominium, Commercial & Industrial Properties. In addition, there will be sessions on how to negotiate, how to present to get exclusive listing, personal grooming, basic feng shui and how to penetrate to China market.


2. 1-to-1 coaching:

Leverage on the experience and knowledge of a good mentor to get your career as a property agent started. This is one of the key factors for new agents breaking into the industry and for experienced agents to move to a greater level of deal quantums and volume. Our promise to you “We ensure that you earn more than what you used to earn in former work place”


3. Support from a growing team:

Our team has amazing talents and abilities ranging from IT, designing, planning and etc. We work closely with our platform to get you to the high networth. Many agents have already benefited from our Millionaire club we organize yearly. Come and find partners here to work together with and to support each other to grow to a greater height!

Great training and team work are the keys to success. With commitment and an open mind and heart, come here and be a part of the crème de la crème of real estate agents, look no further than Call me, Shirley Ong now at +65 9144 2115 if you're keen to know more about how to be a Property Agent or how I can help you take your Property career to new heights!